Module 1:   Professional Accountability and Prescribing

Module 1 - Professional PrescribingLearning Outcomes

By taking part in this lesson, learners will:

  1. Describe the federal and provincial/ territorial legislation and regulations related to CDS prescribing by NPs.
  2. Identify jurisdictional registered nurse and nurse practitioner standards of practice for CDS.
  3. Examine the use of prescription monitoring systems.
  4. Review tools and mechanisms for safe prescribing and management of prescribed CDS.
  5. Develop a strategy to assess evidence related to CDS use.
  6. Examine ethical principles influencing CDS use.
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Module 2:   Basic Pharmacology of CDS

Learning OutcomesModule 2 - Basic Pharmacology of CDS

By taking part in this lesson, learners will

  1. Review the pharmacokinectics and pharmacodynamics of CDS.
  2. Practice dose adjustments of CDS.
  3. Appraise fundamental holistic approaches to patient care using CDS.
  4. Calculate equianalgesic opioid dose equivalents.
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Module 3: Assessment

Learning OutcomesModule 3 - Assessment

By taking part in this lesson, learners will:

  1. Review assessment and diagnosis in anxiety, pain, insomnia, ADHD, and others including seizures in the context of urgent care.
  2. Review use of standard tools, physical examination techniques.
  3. Review safety considerations related to CDS including risk assessment.
  4. Review the goals of care.
  5. Review ethical decision making including assessment of home situation and risk for substance use disorder, diversion, and pseudo-addiction.
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Module 4: Therapeutics

Learning OutcomesModule 4 - Therapeutics

By taking part in this lesson, learners will:

  1. Review choosing the right drug using frameworks.
  2. Review writing a prescription including dispensing intervals, formulation, pharmacist communication, patient and drug databases.
  3. Review drug weaning including strategies and mechanics.
  4. Review drug rotation including equianalgesia and pharmacology.
  5. Review Rx monitoring systems and clinical practice guidelines.
  6. Review pharmacotherapeutics.
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Module 5:   Monitoring and Evaluation

Learning OutcomesModule 5 - Monitoring and Evaluation

By taking part in this lesson, learners will:

  1. Review monitoring process, tools and evaluation plan.
  2. Review outcome monitoring including assessment, diagnosis, and goals.
  3. Review follow up including frequency and type, urine drug screen, and health care utilization).
  4. Review related activities including pill counts, and physiological changes.
  5. Review documentation and consultation.
  6. Review family monitoring, evaluation, and safety.
  7. Review other/specialty providers including referral support, collaboration, out of scope, and pharmacies.
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