Module 5: Monitoring and Evaluation

Lesson 4

Learning outcome

Describe the circle of care for the patient and when to request a referral for further assessment from other health care professionals.


It is important to understand who the members of the patient’s health care team are that comprise his or her circle of care.


Family members are often central caregivers, and can be a source of valuable information regarding the effectiveness and appropriate use of controlled drugs and substances. Although patient consent is required to provide family members with information, the clinician may listen to what family members wish to say.

It may be helpful to have a strategy on how to respond if a friend or relative telephones to wanting to talk about a patient. Refusing to speak with the person may mean missing out some valuable information. These discussions, however, must be open and transparent to the patient. Any conversation with the patient’s family should be documented.

Primary care providers

Other primary care providers may include pharmacists, specialist clinicians, family practice clinicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, and other nurses.