Module 5: Monitoring and Evaluation

Lesson 3

Learning outcome

Determine follow-up frequency for patients prescribed CDS and activities to be completed at follow-up visits.


Patients who are prescribed CDS are followed up on a regular basis although the frequency of the visits is dependent on their condition. Follow up activities include a review of the goals and the benefits of treatment and a reassessment of safety issues related to CDS.

How often should you follow-up with patients?

Follow-up visits occur at regular interval but vary based on the patient’s condition. The following recommendations provide guidelines on the frequency of follow-up:

  • Weekly:
    • When the dose is being stabilized
    • When the patient has mental health issues that are not stabilized
    • When the patient is at risk for addiction
  • Once every 1-2 months:
    • Once the dose is stabilized for the patient’s condition
  • Once every 3 months:
    • During long term use of a drug or substance for a clearly defined problem if the patient is at a low risk of addiction or misuse