Module 5: Monitoring and Evaluation

Lesson 4

Prescription theft

A prescription pad may be lost or stolen; therefore,  prescribers should adopt prescription pad theft reduction strategies. These include secure storage, inventory monitoring, not leaving pads accessible to patients, and use of printable/electronic prescriptions that are part of the electronic medical record.

When a theft is suspected and direct resolution is either unsafe or impossible, the police should be notified.

All the requested information should be provided to the police about the missing and presumed stolen prescription blanks while maintaining patient confidentiality.

If CDS or prescription pads have been lost or stolen from clinic stock, there is mandatory reporting within 10 days of knowledge of loss/theft to Health Canada, Office of Controlled Substances, Compliance, Monitoring and Liaison Division (613-954-1541 or online).

  • In the case of theft, prescribers must comply with search warrants or court orders. All the requested information should be provided about the missing/presumed stolen drugs but care should be taken to maintain patient confidentiality.