Module 4: Therapeutics

Lesson 2

Prior to CDS prescribing

  • Before prescribing a CDS, it is important to ensure that a comprehensive assessment and medication reconciliation has been carried out and documented. Some additional considerations include:
    • Are other CDS being used currently?
    • Is a taper of the other CDS warranted?
    • Is there risk (safety/addiction)?
  • Perform CDS risk screening and establish baseline.
  • Collaborate with the patient regarding the prescription.
    • Explain the benefits, adverse effects, complications, and risks, including:
      • What treatment success looks like.
      • The overall plan of care:
        • A treatment agreement that specifies the expectations of both the patient and prescriber
        • The terms of a medication trial (when it starts; what the medication and dose is; whether there will be titration; when to taper or discontinue)