According to the National Advisory Council (2013) on Prescription Drug Misuse, per capita, Canada has become the world’s second largest consumer of prescription opioids. There is considerable controversy, however, about the efficacy of opioids and sedatives in the treatment of pain, anxiety and insomnia in non-life-threating conditions and in chronic non-cancer conditions. It is important to seek non-pharmacologic and non-controlled substance alternatives prior to making a decision to prescribe a CDS. This module examines when and how to prescribe CDS safely and appropriately.

Learning Outcomes

By taking part in this lesson, learners will:

  1. Review choosing the right drug using frameworks.
  2. Review writing a prescription including dispensing intervals, formulation, pharmacist communication, patient and drug databases.
  3. Review drug weaning including strategies and mechanics.
  4. Review drug rotation including equianalgesia and pharmacology.
  5. Review Rx monitoring systems and clinical practice guidelines.
  6. Review pharmacotherapeutics.
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