This module provides learners with the opportunity to examine safety considerations in the assessment of conditions which have often been treated with a CDS. These include the following: Chronic and acute pain, insomnia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and status epilepticus. Their epidemiology and comprehensive assessment including risk related to the prescription of control drugs and substances are discussed.

Learning Outcomes

By taking part in this lesson, learners will

  1. Review assessment and diagnosis in anxiety, pain, insomnia, ADHD, and others including seizures in the context of urgent care.
  2. Review use of standard tools, physical examination techniques.
  3. Review safety considerations related to CDS including risk assessment.
  4. Review the goals of care.
  5. Review ethical decision making including assessment of home situation and risk for substance use disorder, diversion, and pseudo-addiction.
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