Module 1: Professional Accountability and Prescribing

Lesson 3

Activities and Reflections

Explore the Sproule (2015) report entitled Prescription Monitoring Programs in Canada: Best Practice and Program Review to learn more about the benefits of PMPs for safe CDS prescribing practice.

Review evidence on PMPs in the CCSA’s (2013) “First Do No Harm: Responding to Canada’s Prescription Drug Crisis

Learners may also review other sections of this report for additional information on strategies to manage controlled drugs and substance use and misuse specific to their practice setting.

Read the article by Furlan and colleagues (2014) to learn more about four established PMPs in Canada.

Identify the 10 universal precautions of pain medicine by reading the article by Gourlay and colleagues (2005).

Questions for reflection:

  • Does your jurisdiction currently have a prescription monitoring program in place?
  • Does it meet the best-practices for PMPs with respect to structure and features? Can all prescribers access the program?
  • Is it compulsory for all prescribers?
  • Are there regulatory implications for providers who do not comply with the monitoring program?
  • What evaluation mechanisms do you think could be added to the programs to assess their effectiveness in meeting their goals of reducing misuse and diversion of prescription controlled drugs and substances?