Module 1: Professional Accountability and Prescribing

Lesson 1

The New Classes of Practitioners Regulations (continued)

The NCPR also provides guidelines for the security of controlled drugs and substances. These regulations mandate a practitioner to take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of listed substances in their possession. In addition, the practitioner will need to

  1. Store listed substances in a secure area that is accessible only by the practitioner and persons authorized by the practitioner to have access;
  2. Take reasonable steps to ensure the security of listed substances during transport; and
  3. Report the loss or theft of a listed substance to the Federal Minister of Health within 10 days after the practitioner’s discovery of the loss or theft (Canada Gazette, New classes of practitioners regulations, 2012).

Nurses must also notify their employer of any loss or theft of listed substances and follow agency policy related to reporting to law enforcement. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be other requirements to report to their college or association and the Ministry of Health as soon as possible after the discovery of missing controlled drugs substances.