Case Study 6 - Pediatrics


The Little family consists of Hannah-mom, Liam-dad, Rachel 17, Owen 14. They recently went on welfare due to health issues and had to move from a house to an apartment. The move required them to obtain a new PCP. They have been rostered into the NPs clients at the local community health center. The mom signed the consent for transfer of medical records when the family came in for a hx and px and immunizations during the summer.

Owen Little presents the following behaviour: during interaction he interrupts a few times, he has poor eye contact, he looks away often drifts head to left looking at the door (toward noises in the hall) and at his phone often.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the case study you will be able to:

  • Use effective therapeutic communication techniques when assessing a pediatric client.
  • Apply competencies for prescribing controlled drugs and substances (CDS) to a pediatric clinical scenario.
  • Assess a pediatric patient’s need for a controlled drug.
  • Evaluate risks and benefits when prescribing a controlled drug to a pediatric patient.
  • Apply tools and mechanisms for safe prescribing and management of prescribed CDS.
  • Apply an effective strategy to assess evidence related to controlled drug and substance use.
  • Apply the principles of Prescription Monitoring Systems in Canada.
  • Identify tools and mechanisms for safe prescribing and management of prescribed controlled drugs and substances.
  • Use evidence-based guidelines for using controlled drug and substance in a pediatric clinical situation.
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