Caleb, a 42 year old male presents in a community clinic with low back pain radiating down right leg. He presents recent onset back pain with radiation to right ankle. No Primary Care access. He is in need of a work-up and coordination of care. He was seen in ER today. No imaging was done. No evidence of disc prolapse on exam. He was sent home with instructions to follow up with local Family Health Team (called).

His past medical history includes: Type II diabetes, HTN, Dyslipidemia, previous substance use dependency which is currently being treated, and he is a 20 pack year smoker with no allergies.


Learning Outcomes

  • Exploring underlying bias
  • Holistic assessment and treatment plan
  • Substance use disorder doesn’t preclude an individual from experiencing a co-morbid condition (e.g. chronic pain) and they still deserve comprehensive and quality treatment

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