Mental Health

Kevin is a 30 year old male who comes to the NP clinic feeling very anxious during exam week. He is in his last year of graduate course work and he is relying on high grades to keep his scholarships. He is complaining of loss of sleep, irritability, palpitations, and difficulty concentrating. He would like the little white pills he has had before to help him cope. He gets frustrated as you continue your assessment and cannot understand why you just can’t write the Rx and let him get back to studying. On further assessment, it is discovered that he has a family history of anxiety and depression. He denies having anxiety himself, but admits this has happened to him frequently when stressed. He lives in the by himself in a basement apartment, has family is not in town, has few friends and is financially insecure. He denies suicidal thoughts or plans.


Learning Outcomes

  • Diagnostic decision making as the basis of appropriate decision making for treatment
  • Best practice and evidence informed care for diagnosis
  • Collaboration and referral – MH crisis management and long term therapies/treatment/tools
  • Understanding of the positive outcomes from evidence based care (approached in light of difficult conversation and long term benzo use).

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